Pro-vaccine? Anti-vaccine? Still making up your mind? In the process of changing your mind? I came across a series of videos below which certainly peeked my interest in the current dialogue about vaccines. I was impressed by these medical researchers (PhD qualified), and licensed MDs, because they were willing to consult the research literature for themselves -rather than just espouse what they were taught in lectures, or unquestioningly accept the opinions of their respective professional bodies. By way of contrast I had cause to visit my medical centre recently. The GP I saw took the opportunity to advocate for the flu vaccine. In turn I took the opportunity to ask if he could name the few ingredients in the vaccine, and tell me about their medical safety. He readily admitted he couldn’t. He claimed he could still recommend the vaccine with confidence because he had complete faith in what he had been taught, and what he was directed to tell his patients about vaccines by his professional body. He “explained” that this trust was the hallmark of being a professional. Hmmm … can’t say I was impressed. I strongly suspect the majority of GPs would have  the same or similar opinion. You may want to ask your GP the same question, especially after watching just the first video below. Fasten your seatbelts -especially if you are medically trained- you’re in for a breath-taking perspective-shattering ride.

Check out Dr Mikovits’ recently published book “Plague” here




Remember all those stories we were told about how vaccines have played such a crucial role in greatly reducing diseases such as polio? Dr Susanne Humphries MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. During the course of her work she started to have doubts about this well-known vaccine-effective narrative, so decided to do some of her own research into it’s authenticity. The result was a well-researched book, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, vaccines, and the forgotten historyBelow is an unedited interview with Dr Humphries.