Trauma-Proofing Your Child 2016

2nd March to 6th of April 2016

Trauma-Proofing with Gerry has been so educational … it has enhanced my nursing practice, and how I interact with my own family immeasurably. It focuses on the root cause of trauma … I highly recommend it to parents, health, and educational professionals. Thank you so much Gerry for your knowledge, wisdom, empathy and kindness”.  Abby Soares, B.H.Sc. Registered Nurse (Paediatrics), Nutritionist.

Trauma-Proofing Your Child was first presented as a course at Highbury House in 2014. By popular request it was presented again in 2015.


Trauma-Proofing Your Child is available to be taught within other Auckland suburbs, using a 6 week six session format; and out of Auckland, using an evening 7.30pm-9pm, and the following day 9am-4pm workshop format. To discuss hosting the program please contact Gerry Douglas.


Venue: Highbury Community House

110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead

North Shore, Auckland (Click on this link for a map)

The course has the backing and support of Adele, the Head Teacher at Highbury House Early Learning Centre.

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We highly recommend this course to all our families…



Further comments from earlier course participants:

I managed to attend all the classes on the course and loved every one. I had so much emotional release in myself, and feel calmer … I feel I now have the tools, and some knowledge.” Victoria Adradi

Highly recommend the course to other parents. Happy about everything I have learnt” Eileen


Course Detail:

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Presented by Gerry Douglas: Counsellor, Child Development & Educational Consultant, M.Phil.(Hons). B.Soc.Sc. Dip.Tchg. Member NZCCA.




Course Description: Children can be traumatised as a result of every-day “ordinary” events, such as falls, medical procedures, separation from their primary care-giver, or divorce. These are examples of events that can cause children to withdraw, lose confidence, or develop anxiety and phobias. Traumatised children may also display behavioural problems including aggression, hyperactivity and –as they grow older- addictions of various sorts.

The good news is that with the guidance of attuned parents who are willing to learn the necessary skills, children at risk can be identified and spared from the long-term consequences of trauma.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Spot behavioural signs of trauma in your child

  • De-traumatise your child’s earlier traumas

  • Help your child be more resilient, and “bounce back” from potentially traumatic events

And here’s a real bonus –participants may choose to personally apply what’s being learnt, and heal traumatic history in their own lives*.

The program is designed to teach the skills concerned, and then practice them within the context of the course. The text we are using is “Trauma-Proofing Your Kids: A parents’ guide to installing confidence, joy, and resilience” by Peter Levine PhD, and Maggie Kline MS, MFT. During the course readings will be set from the book for completion between sessions.

Gerry Douglas is very familiar with Peter Levine’s de-traumatising procedure known as Somatic Experiencing® (SE). He attended an extended workshop Peter ran in the US, and has helped many people recover from trauma.

*Before registering please ensure you read the following note:

This course is for parents or care-givers of children. The course focus is on many “everyday” ways that children can experience trauma. It will only mention in passing potential sources of major trauma for children such as extreme physical assault or psychological abuse of any sort, extreme poverty, or war. The course is not suitable for those with such an extreme trauma history who have not completed effective de-traumatising therapy. Registration for the course will be taken as you acknowledging that you understand this, and you will take full responsibility for seeking appropriate help, if you find the course content creates recurring distress related to an extreme traumatic history.  If you’re unsure please consult a suitably qualified health professional before registering.


Followup Individual or Relationship Counselling:

Gerry is available for individual, family, or couples counselling, for any course participants who want to followup in a more concentrated manner.


Course Registration:

Send an email to  indicating you would like to complete the course. Please include your name and cellphone number. Your registration will be confirmed by email once payment have been received.

 Cost: $180.00 (Plus the cost of the book used for the course -approx $13.50- See the notes above for where and how to buy the book).


Pay $180.00 by internet transfer to:

Brain Time Ltd, Account Number 38-9014-0079953-01 Please write your name in one of the transaction reference boxes.

Questions About the Course: 

Phone Gerry 021 656-803