Community Education: Trading Table Presentation

The Trading Table is a organisation made up of mainly Educational and Health professionals based on Auckland’s North Shore. Members currently meet 6 times a year to share topics of professional interest.  At each meeting a member of the group, or an especially invited guest, will make a presentation about a topic of interest to the group, followed by questions and discussions. The Trading Table has been meeting since 1999. Membership is open to interested people.

Gerry Douglas -Summary Bio

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Samples of Educational Research

Academic & Behavioural Improvement

Professor Jamshid Damooei PhD California Lutheran University

Full paper:



Full paper:

Attention & Motor Coordination


Full paper:

Auditory Processing Disorder

PhD Thesis:

Reading Problems, (2 papers)


Full paper:


Full Paper:



Click on the first image below to watch a 2-minute general introduction to Interactive Metronome (IM).


IM has been available in the US for over 15 years. In that time numerous local TV news channels have featured stories about the impact of Interactive Metronome on a range of learning disabilities. As an example click on the second image below and watch what happened to 11-year old Adam Solomon. He was diagnosed with ADHD, along with gross motor and sequencing problems. He had been placed in special education. The third video in extended interview with Adam two years after IM training, and the fourth record’s Adam’s mother’s perspective.


Interactive Metronome makes a claim -improvements made in the IM exercises can generalise into other activities. For this to happen the brain circuits used for IM exercises would need to also be used for those other activities. Is this even possible? Neural research tells us it is. Watch this two minute video to learn more.


Next, is a six minute video summarising research carried out a US military hospital where IM was used to treat concussion.


The last video is an in-depth introduction (36 minutes) about the application of IM to Learning Disabilities