Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

(1)  Professional Fee:

  • $120 per 60 minutes. (This also the minimum charge.) Additional time charged at the same rate in 5-10 minute intervals or part thereof ($10 per 5 minutes, $20 per 10 minutes etc).
  • The cost for engagement by a school or other organisations is by negotiation.
  • Missed appointments with less that 24 hours notice will be charged at up to $120.00, depending on the circumstances.

Bank Account Payment Details

(2) Interactive Metronome: Standard Individual Plans for Training at Home

Price of Interactive Metronome Home-based Equipment (Subject to currency fluctuation)

$399US + $72.00US Postage + $115NZ GST & NZ Customs Fees

= $625.00NZ Total 

Equipment Purchase Procedure

You provide Brain Time with:

    • credit card details
    • card billing address
    • delivery address
    • contact ph. number

You will initially incur the cost of the equipment plus postage, directly to you from Interactive Metronome. in the US. Once in NZ you will be contacted by NZ Post to arrange payment of GST & Customs fees. Upon payment, the package will be delivered to your address.

Tuition Fee

Weekly face to face tuition is available at 110 Hinemoa St Birkenhead Auckland.

The price of face to face tuition session


For those living some distance from Birkenhead  (including anywhere in NZ) a modified internet based program is available using Skype.

Price of Skype tuition

$120.00 per hour

Education on the use of micro-nutrients will be provided as appropriate.

Appointments taken at Hinemoa House in Birkenhead may include biofeedback, and Passive Infrared neurofeedback training, as appropriate. The equipment is provided and there is no extra charge.

Bank Account Payment Details for Tuition Fee

Communication Via Special Message Board

In addition to the scheduled home visit or Skype appointment you and your Provider can communicate through your own special message board at any time. Each receives a notification in their email that a message has been sent. Messages will be responded to as promptly as possible. There is no cost for this service.

Training Between Tuition Sessions From Brain Time

You complete 3-6 training sessions per week, individually, or with the help of a parent/support person (there is no charge from your Interactive Metronome Provider for this practice time). These sessions are anywhere between 10-50 minutes, depending on the starting point indicated by your initial assessment.

Your results for each training session are uploaded automatically across the internet to your Provider.

Your results are examined and modifications can be made to your program. The next time you “plug in” for a training session, your program will have been already edited to incorporate the changes.

Your results are graphed. You’ll be able to see the graphs, so you can easily appreciate your progress.


  • Some conditions will require in-person appointments with your IM Provider.
  • Some conditions will require the engagement of an Occupational Therapist, or other suitably qualified professional.

Anticipated Weeks of Training

For those challenged with a learning disability you should anticipate 10 weeks of training.

For those using Interactive Metronome to improve sport or performance arts you should anticipate 4-5 weeks of training.

Extending the Training

All training programs can be extended

  • Recovery From Learning Disabilities Trainees: $120 per week for a face to face consultation, OR 1 hour  Skype consultation per week
  • Sport or Performance Art Trainees: $65.00 per 30 minutes a week of coaching time
  • In some circumstances more than 1 hour per week of consultation time is desirable

Individual Plans

Individual plans are constructed to meet particular circumstances.

Savings for Additional Family Members 

Additional family members can  undertake IM training using the same equipment. There is a user license fee of $99US for each additional trainee. Weekly tuition fees as specified above apply.

Conditional Refund Guarantee

At both a professional and business level Brain Time  understands the importance of a successful track record. For this reason every effort will be made to only work with Interactive Metronome trainees who are highly likely to experience success. (This is why Brain Time offers an initial free assessment service.) Occasionally there may be an exception, resulting in a trainee who does not progress. Brain Time offers a Conditional Refund Guarantee for this situation.

There may be occasions when a potential trainee’s profile doesn’t indicate a strong chance of success, however the potential trainee (or their care-giver) requests to proceed with the training. If Brain Time agrees to proceed under these circumstances, the Conditional Refund  Guarantee does not apply (see 1st bullet below).

Brain Time offers a Conditional Refund Guarantee for IM-Home Trainees as Follows:

Money paid will be returned under the following conditions-

  • You were assessed as being suitable for the Interactive Metronome program without any reservations being expressed in writing by Brain Time.
  • Your training record shows you completed the program assigned to you either within the time-frame of the program stated on this page, or by an extended period of time agreed to in writing with Brain Time.
  • Your Interactive Metronome results show no significant progress.
  • The IM Home Unit is returned to Brain Time in excellent condition.


(3) Location: 

Hinemoa House

Suite 10

184 Hinemoa St


Auckland 0626

Terms of Engagement

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