Neurotiming Therapy Testimonial

February 2018

Neurotiming Therapy Testimonial

Speech Language Therapist Lisa Bodley talks about the amazing impact of Neurotiming Therapy, achieved through using Interactive Metronome® training, with her 8 year-old son. He was challenged with symptoms of OCD, ADD, and difficulty transitioning from one task to the next. His symptoms were so severe he was unable to attend school, so was being home schooled. A positive difference was noticed after the 1st appointment. All target symptoms were reduced to the point where they were no longer considered problematic. This was achieved after 8 appointments, and a total of 10 hours home practice spread over 12 weeks.

Our son was struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, washing his hands constantly and melting down over little things. I was worried to try another professional, but Gerry just ‘got’ our son. In just one term, we are seeing a different kid. He is no longer showing any signs of OCD and is more tolerant, cheeky and patient with us all (even his little sister!) I highly recommend IM. It just works.”

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Lisa Bodley

Neurotiming Therapy

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