Neuroplasticity & Teaching

Neuroplasticity & Teaching:

Improve classroom learning through the practical application of neuroplasticity

A one day Professional Development program from Brain Time

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Suitable for Principals, Guidance Counsellors, Primary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, SENCOs, & RTLBs


Learning Outcomes

  • Gaining an assessment of students that is foundational to  effectively intervening re the functioning of 5 key brain regions, that underpin the foundational skills of classroom learning, such as:

*  sustained focus and attention

*  flexibility of focus and attention

*  deferring gratification, and making a sustained effort to meet long term goals

*  coordinating the processing of related visual, auditory, and tactile data

*  more efficient input to and retrieval from memory

*  emotional stability

  • Knowing how to re-establish diaphragmatic breathing (as opposed to chest breathing), and the connection to optimising brain function that’s essential to effective classroom learning

  • An understanding of how physical exercise impacts parts of the brain that are directly involved in learning

  • Nutrition, including micronutrients, and learning

  • Knowledge of a particular board game and a particular sport that empower desirable brain function, and can easily be incorporated into any school year-round, regardless of the weather

  • Knowledge ready to impart to parents and students re the way sleep impacts brain function during the school day

  • Knowing about simple technologies available to NZ schools that can be used to bring about beneficial neuroplastic brain changes for students challenged with learning disabilities such as; dyslexia, dyspraxia, poor hand-writing, emotional instability, ADD, and ADHD

The essence of neuroplasticity is understanding that experience wires (and re-wires) the brain throughout the life-span. This course takes you beyond this general understanding. It will educate you about specific experiential interventions that are known to enhance brain functions, and are essential for learning. Some of the interventions have immediate school-wide application, without the need for specialised equipment. Additionally participants have the opportunity to experience using the related specialist equipment such as Infrared photography of the forehead, to get a literal picture indication of the level of neural activity in the Prefrontal Cortex (the all-important brain’s “conductor”); Interactive Metronome; Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Having had the experience of using the equipment, school staff will be in a better position to consider the benefits of going the next step, that of training teachers such as RTLBs, and SENCOs to carry out the relevant assessments, and use the technology concerned to create short term interventions designed to meet the learning needs of individual students. Brain Time provides separate programmes for detailed training in the use of the equipment. Ongoing support is provided.


 Course Venue:

North Shore Auckland

Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead

Minimum Enrolments 5,  Maximum 15

Other areas of Auckland, and outside of Auckland

Please contact Brain Time to discuss possible dates and venues. Minimum enrolments 10, for locations outside of Auckland.


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$250 (IncGST)


Pay $250.00 by internet transfer to:

Brain Time Ltd, Account Number 38-9014-0079953-01 Please write your name, and school (if applicable), in one of the transaction reference boxes.


Course Tutor:

Gerry Douglas  M.Phil.(Hons.) Education;  B.Soc.Sc. Psychology;  Dip.Tchg;  Registered Teacher