Migraine Relief

Gerry Douglas Director of Brain Time provides Neurofeedback training for the relief of migraine pain.

Migraine PictureFor diagnosed migraine sufferers who are  pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, drug-free relief from pain will likely be a high priority.





Using the Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback Headset

Using the EZPIR Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback Headset

The type of neurofeedback used is Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography.


Headaches can originate from many different causes. For this reason the training program is only available to those who have been officially diagnosed as suffering from migraine. Migraine relief training consists of 10 weekly sessions. Trainees are likely to be aware of benefit from the training by the 6th session.

Here’s a link to a recently published peer-reviewed article based on a PhD thesis, giving an account of this type of neurofeedback being successfully used to relieve migraine pain.

Here’s a link to another published peer-reviewed article by Dr Jeff Carmen PhD. Dr Carmen is the inventor of the Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography form of neurofeedback. He calls his system “EZPIR” (see picture above). It is used to ameliorate a wide range of  conditions related to under-activity of the Prefrontal Cortex (the brain’s “conductor”). Dr Carmen moderates an active professional internet group for trainers using the system.  There are many people in the group, especially on the east coast of the USA. The majority are licensed Health Professionals, or Educators. Gerry Douglas, Director of Brain Time, is a member of the group, and has completed advanced training in passive infrared hemoencephalography neurofeedback with Dr Carmen, in NY.


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