Learning Disabilities


Are you looking for a way to help a child (or an adult) with a Learning Disability? We encourage you to read the rest of this page, and watch the associated short videos. Is the person you’re concerned about challenged by a condition such as:

Girl finding study hard

  • ADHD?
  • APD – Auditory Processing Disorder?
  • Reading Difficulties?

Interactive Metronome® is a drug-free individualised therapy training program. Upon the completion of Interactive Metronome® training, published peer-reviewed research has shown children experienced marked improvement with:

Boy reading a book

How We Can Help -Two Simple Steps

  • Watch the short videos below to see Interactive Metronome in action.
  • Complete the inquiry form at the bottom of the page, saying when it would be convenient for Gerry Douglas (Director of Brain Time) to call you.

Click on the first image below to watch a 2-minute general introduction to Interactive Metronome (IM). IM has been available in the US for over 15 years. In that time numerous local TV news channels have featured stories about the impact of Interactive Metronome on a range of learning disabilities. The second video below features 9-year-old Sam using Interactive Metronome to address math, reading, and auditory processing problems. The next video is a news report about 11-year-old Adam Solomon. He was diagnosed with ADHD, along with gross motor and sequencing problems. He had been placed in special education.





Click here to watch a 36-minute video “Neuroplasticity, Learning Disabilities, & Interactive Metronome”.


(See further TV news items here.)


Pricing Plans

Discounts apply when there is more than one member of a family participating in IM training, as you are able to use the same equipment.

Additionally, there is a special pricing structure for program delivery to schools, or other institutional settings. This enables the individual cost to be reduced by up to 80%. Ask your school etc. to contact Brain Time Ltd.

For pricing plan details, click here.


Text 021 656-803, or complete the email inquiry below. Please state when it would be suitable for you to receive a phone call from Brain Time.


Note: Results will vary between trainees, therefore individual results cannot be guaranteed. Please read the Terms of Engagement. *A locally based Occupational Therapist, and/or an appropriate support person is needed in some situations. Also some trainees will initially need to take a face-to-face appointment with their IM Provider, and very occasionally at other points in the training.

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