IM Home technology enables IM training to take place throughout New Zealand, wherever there is a broadband connection to the Internet.

A free assessment service is available for those interested in Interactive Metronome training. The purpose of the assessment is to establish if Interactive Metronome training will be useful to you.

To start the process phone and leave a voice-mail, or email Brain Time. Leave your name and phone number, and when it would be suitable for you to talk. If this initial discussion indicates it is suitable to proceed with the free assessment, then the following points will be worked through:

  • You may be asked to send copies of any relevant professional reports, via email. Alternatively you can post them to

PO BOX 34348

  • You will be  be asked to complete some questionnaires, which include providing information about (1) physical exercise, (2) nutrition, (3) your sleep pattern, and possibly (4) your breathing pattern. In some instances you will be advised to see a relevant professional so that one or more of these interactional factors can be addressed, either prior to IM training, or concurrent with IM training, or after IM training.

  • You will receive a brief written report telling you if Interactive Metronome training is likely to be of help. There is no charge for the report, and followup telephone call.

  • If the recommendation is to commence the training, the discussion will move to the detail of a pricing plan, based on the report. There are standard packages, as well as packages that can be put together to meet more specific circumstances.

  • Before making a decision to purchase, its very important to ensure that all concerned understand the time commitment needed for Interactive Metronome® training. Please ask about this directly if you’re not sure.