Gerry Douglas, Director of Brain Time Ltd

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Gerry Douglas

Gerry Douglas is a Registered Teacher, and the Managing Director of Brain Time Ltd. The company has been formed with the specific intentions of:


  • Providing practical educational material to educators and parents about the principles of neuroplasticity.

  • Introducing educators and parents to a number of simple technologies that can be used to bring about helpful neuroplastic change.

The main technology Gerry uses is Interactive Metronome®*

Gerry is an enthusiastic engaging presenter and is available for seminars, workshops, or as a guest speaker. Presentations include a live demonstration of Interactive Metronome technology, with the content being oriented to public or professional audiences as requested.


Teacher Professional Development Courses

Gerry teaches Professional Learning and Development (PLD) courses for Teachers. Go to this link for details.


Community Education Programs

Gerry also teaches various community education programs. Some are prepared for a particular audience, while others are more general interest in nature. During the 4th term of 2014 he taught “Trauma-Proofing Your Child” at Highbury Community House.  In 2015 the next round for this course is from the 23rd of February through to the 30th of March. Go to this link for details.


Qualifications & Experience:

Gerry’s professional education started with attending Wellington Teachers College for 3 years, and subsequently attaining a Trained Teachers Certificate. His specialist subjects were social studies, music & drama. Whilst teaching at Primary & Secondary levels Gerry completed a Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Psychology, at Waikato University. He was also awarded a Diploma in Teaching. Over a 10 year period Gerry taught Primary, Intermediate, & Secondary levels. Subjects & specialist groups taught included Music, Drama, Social Science, Gifted Students, and Students with Learning Disabilities. He was the form-master and social science teacher for selected classes of gifted students at Years 9 and 10, over a period of 4 years.

Gerry then competed for and won a $120,000 NZ Government Study Award. This enabled him to attend Auckland University full time for three years, gaining a Master of Philosophy with Honours in Education, majoring in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Gerry registered as a Psychologist, and ran a consultancy on Auckland’s North Shore. In addition to working with children and teens challenged with educational and/or developmental issues, over time his practice evolved into specialising in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and relationship therapy.

He was a founding member of the NZ Christian Counsellors Association, and served on the Executive for 15 years.

Gerry travelled to the US on numerous occasions completing basic and advanced training with Dr Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR therapy, and Dr Andrew Leeds. He was a member of the EMDR Institute for many years. He also attended an extended workshop with Dr Peter Levine, the founder of a body-based form of dealing with PTSD, that has many parallels to EMDR.

Neuropsychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, based in LA, has been an influential figure in Gerry’s vocation. He completed Dr Amen’s Master’s level course The Brain and Behavior: A Comprehensive Clinical Course on the Neurobiology of Everyday Life.

Dr Amen introduced Gerry to Interactive Metronome® when he visited him in LA. He encouraged Gerry to bring Interactive Metronome to NZ. (Dr Amen has no financial interest in Interactive Metronome.) The following year Gerry completed Interactive Metronome training for Children, Adults, and Groups, in Phoenix, Arizona.

After nearly 20 years of full-time private practice Gerry closed his Psychology consultancy. He is now focused on educating about neuroplasticity, and providing Interactive Metronome®, (and other simple technologies) as research-supported aids for facilitating desirable neuroplastic change.

Interactive Metronome training is drug-free, however those who need to be on medication are welcome, and often have the most to gain. It is not unusual for medication levels to be rebalanced, reduced, or eliminated, during or subsequent to the training.**

The individualised training programs can be completed across the Internet***, or in institutional settings such as a school, and have direct application to numerous settings and conditions. See the the remainder of this website for info on Interactive Metronome®, including TV news reports, and references to research.

Gerry also provides a transitions themed life-coaching service.

*Note 1: Gerry Brawn-Douglas has the relevant NZ Rights for Interactive Metronome®.

**Note 2: Any alteration of medications must only take place under the direct supervision of an appropriately trained medical professional.

***Note 3: A locally based  Occupational Therapist, and/or an appropriate support person is needed in some situations. Also some trainees will initially need to take a face-to-face appointment with their IM Provider, and very occasionally at other points in the training. 

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