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Of course you’ve heard the Golf Pro talk about how to improve your golf game by looking at tempo rhythm and timing … and when you swing a club are you still struggling to coordinate wrists, arms, shoulders, and hips?

Young man swinging golf club, rear viewInstead of starting with learning to swing a club, what would happen to your game if you started by training yourself to be amazingly accurate at performing simple actions, like clapping your hands, in precise time with a steady beat? (What we’re meaning by precise time is 1000ths of a second -milliseconds.) You don’t have to wonder about this, because over period of 12 years now, there have been several research papers published that tell you exactly what it can do -improve golf shot accuracy by 30 to 35%.

The slide set below explains how this is achieved. The presentation is drawn from three research papers published in peer-reviewed journals. The slides start by looking at  the impact of Interactive Metronome training on golf shot accuracy, with summary details of the second research paper, published in 2009. We then zero in on the results of the research paper published in 2014, which reveals how Interactive Metronome training changed the kinematic properties of the golf swing –revealing the secret behind the 30+% improvement in golf-shot accuracy achieved in just 13 hours of basic Interactive Metronome training. Interactive Metronome training has also featured on the cover of Golf Digest. (See the last slide for links to this, and the research articles mentioned.)



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