Terms of Engagement

Service Offered

Brain Time Ltd (referred to as “we” or “us”, or “our”) is a consultancy for general counselling; adult or child educational, learning disabilities, & developmental challenges; concussion recovery; migraine amelioration; and enhancing sport performance.

Training aimed at beneficial neuroplastic change is a feature of Brain Time services. This may take the form of Biofeedback, and/or  Neurofeedback,  and/or Synchronised Metronome Training.

When initially consulting with Brain Time you will be asked to provide copies of reports from other relevant professionals previously consulted, and/or complete specific questionnaires You may be asked to keep a specified diary.

If a registered health professional has diagnosed you with a specific medical or mental health condition, or you are currently seeing a counsellor/psychotherapist/psychologist/psychiatrist, it is essential that you inform us of this.

Clearance from an appropriate registered health professional may need to be obtained prior to participating in the services offered by Brain Time.

We are willing to liaise with other relevant professionals you may be currently consulting. We encourage a cooperative cross-informed approach where there is the potential for this to work for your benefit.

We may use standardised psychological testing as part of the initial intake questionnaires, and/or to help track progress. Engaging with us is taken as giving consent for yourself, or for children in your charge, to participate in these assessments.

Neuroplastic change, and the acquisition of related skills, is frequently enhanced by numerous broader interacting contextual factors. Key among them are: breathing, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Service from Brain Time will often include working directly with these domains. Additionally you may be referred to a relevant professional for more extensive help with these domains prior to, concurrent with, or after engagement with the services offered by Brain Time.

When our program with a client involves education re the application of diet, nutrition, supplements, or exercise, it remains your responsibility to check such advice with an appropriately qualified registered health professional.

The acquisition of the skills acquired through the training we offer is associated with (1) improving performance in various domains, and (2) a reduction of troubling symptoms frequently associated with a variety of developmental delay challenges, and/or learning disabilities. The association between the acquisition of the specified skills and the beneficial effects on learning or health are based on published research, or the presentation of research at professional conferences, or published case studies, or referral to appropriate “best practice” protocols, or advice obtained from specialized internet groups.

Therapeutic work is informed by several approaches including EMDR. We may vary from the standard protocols of various therapeutic interventions, in response to the immediate therapeutic dynamics. This includes the standard EMDR protocols.

We will continue working with you if you believe there is benefit, and we agree with this.

All files regarding you will remain confidential to the extent the law allows, with the following exception: In the interests of safe practice we may need to consult with another relevant professional. We undertake not to share any identifying information. The information will be minimal such as gender, age, and key symptomatic description.


Disclaimer & Limitations of Service

Services offered by Brain Time are not suitable for severe psychiatric concerns. If you need to talk to someone immediately please call Emergency Services on 111 or Lifeline on 0800 543 354.

We are not a medical or health practitioner service, and therefore we do not offer any formal diagnosis. Any reference to medications made by us is educational in intent and nature. You remain responsible for seeking medical advice before making any changes to any medication you are consuming.

The information on this website, or any links to other websites, is not offered as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information based on research and experience. If you require medical advice, please seek the services of a registered medical practitioner.

Even though beneficial changes following counselling, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and synchronised metronome training are supported by published research, results will vary between individual trainees. Therefore individual results cannot be guaranteed. Brain Time Ltd does offer a Conditional Refund for Interactive Metronome training.

Prior to, or during the time of consulting with Brain Time we may ask that you obtain a diagnosis from an appropriate health professional.

We will stop our services when in consultation with you we form the opinion that there is insufficient or no progress being made. Under these circumstances we will refer you to your General Practitioner, or another suitable service provider.


Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to check with your GP or another appropriately registered health professional before acting on any advice or suggestion(s) we make in regard to diet, nutrition, supplements, or physical exercise.

Similarly it is your responsibility to check with an appropriate health professional before deciding to act on any educative material contained in this website or links to other websites.

With respect to IM training, your main responsibility is to complete the requirements of the IM program between appointments. This varies, depending on the starting point indicated by your intake assessment data. Generally speaking you can expect to be practicing IM for anywhere between 10 to 50 minutes at a time, 4 times per week, for the length of the training. The time commitment expands gradually as the training progresses.

If you experience pain, or any other debilitating symptom during training, it is your responsibility to contact your IM Provider as soon as possible.


Terms of Payment

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, or internet transfer.

Unless pre-arranged otherwise, payment is to be made in full at the end of each appointment.

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