Your body takes a few basic raw ingredients and produces an amazing array of complex chemicals, and chemo-electrical processes.  Key raw ingredients are: Exercise and movement; sunshine; sleep; nutrition; how we breathe; and the impact of social relationships. We will refer to these combined interactive processes as the Internal Chemist Shop.

Many drug companies manufacture medications designed to imitate the complex chemicals made by our Internal Chemist Shop. We will refer to drugs manufactured by drug companies as the External Chemist Shop. On this website the term “drug-free” means; not consuming drugs or chemicals produced by a drug manufacturer, or legalised drug sources such as cigarettes or alcohol, or food containing manufactured chemicals.

We need the complex products that our body produces to optimise well-being, protect our health, and to aid repair when things go wrong.

One useful way of understanding what influences the quality and quantity of the complex chemicals supplied by the Internal Chemist Shop is to look at the descriptive variables held in common by those who live the longest healthiest lives. They have lifestyle features known to beneficially enhance the key processes of the Internal Chemist Shop. In summary the research* tells us these people pay attention to the following:

  • The quality and quantity of what you eat & drink

  • The health of your physical environment

  • How you use your body

  • A daily routine for de-stressing

  • Positive social connections

  • A sense of meaning or purpose for your life

For this reason engaging with Brain Time includes explicit consideration of the bullet points above.

Whilst the services from Brain Time are drug-free, those taking medication are welcome, and often have the most to gain. There is always an ongoing interaction between drugs supplied from the External Chemist Shop, and the biochemistry of the Internal Chemist Shop. Services offered by Brain Time, or lifestyle changes recommended during the training, are very likely to have an impact on the workings of your Internal Chemist Shop. For this reason Brain Time clients on medication need to keep in close communication with their prescribing registered medical professional, as the need to rebalance or reduce medication may arise. Changes in medication must only take place in consultation with a registered medical health professional.

Go to this link for more detail on the research referred to above, re factors associated with living a healthy longer life.