How to improve problems caused by concussion


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Concussion Symptoms:

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  • Difficulty sustaining attention
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty finding the words you want to use
  • Headaches



Research at a US military hospital showed just 15 hours of Interactive of Metronome® training, for soldiers suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome, resulted in marked improvement with:

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*Monitoring for headache & PTSD relief did not form part of the official research, however soldiers with brain injury who were also diagnosed with Migraine and/or PTSD, reported relief from these conditions as well.

Interactive Metronome training is now available throughout New Zealand. Your regular appointments with your Interactive Metronome (IM) Provider take place in your home** via the Internet, using Skype or FaceTime. No driving to appointments, or parking hassles!


How We Can Help -Three Simple Steps

  • Watch the two short videos below to see Interactive Metronome in action.
  • Read the paragraph below the videos about Brain Time’s free no-obligation telephone consultation, and free internet-delivered assessment service.
  • Complete the inquiry form at the bottom of the page, saying when it would be convenient for Brain Time to call you, and arrange your free assessment.


Click on the first image below to watch a 2-minute general introduction to Interactive Metronome®.

IM has been available in the US for over 15 years. In that time numerous local TV news channels have featured stories about the impact of Interactive Metronome. As an example school principal Julie Sterner was diagnosed with concussion following a fall in an inflated bouncy house. Click on the second image below and watch what happened when she started Interactive Metronome training.



(See further TV news items here.)


Will IM Help You? Take advantage of our free assessment service

Research has shown that, following Interactive Metronome training, the participants reported marked relief from concussion symptoms. However we don’t claim it will meet the needs of everyone struggling with concussion symptoms. Brain Time offers a free no-obligation telephone consultation, and free assessment service to ensure IM is suited to your needs before we recommend proceeding with the training. You will receive a brief written report, either recommending IM training, or suggesting an alternative course of action. This is a free service.


Pricing Plans

Discounts apply when there is more than one member of a family participating in IM training, as you are able to use the same equipment.

Additionally, there is a special pricing structure for program delivery to health centres, or other institutional settings. This enables the individual cost to be reduced by up to 50%. Ask your health centre etc. to contact Brain Time Ltd.

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Note: Results will vary between trainees, therefore individual results cannot be guaranteed. Please read the full Disclaimer Statement.

**An Occupational Therapist, and/or an appropriate support person will be needed in some situations. Some trainees will need to take an occasional face-to-face appointment with their IM Provider, in addition to the regular Internet appointments.