Coca Cola’s “Commitment” to Nutrition & Health Science -Yeah right

Coca-Cola’s most recent round of funding disclosures shows the company has dramatically cut back on its monetary contributions to health and fitness-related endeavors. It cut its funding for these wellness-related partnerships to less than a quarter of its previous rate and is closing its more obvious propaganda outlets. Unfortunately, Coke is still firmly committed to slightly more disguised means of health propaganda, including the International Life Sciences Institute.

The soda giant has released a list of the North American health and scientific endeavors it funds every six months. The most recent one occurred March 24. Coca-Cola’s “Transparency” initiative began in late 2015 after the New York Times exposed its efforts to shift the blame for obesity from nutrition to inactivity via the now defunct Global Energy Balance Network.

In fact, the Coca-Cola “Transparency” archives have been anything but transparent. The archives have failed to include payments to the National Physical Activity Plan and made unexplained and seemingly inexplicable changes to past payments. One might also doubt the company’s commitment to financial disclosure given its involvement in the money laundering scheme that resulted in the “largest campaign finance penalty” in U.S. history … read more here