Neurotiming Therapy using Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome® -the technology used for Neurotiming Therapy

The essence of Neurotiming Therapy is identifying then strengthening inefficient areas of the white matter neural communication network spread throughout the brain. This is achieved though the use of an elegantly simple real-time feedback technology, known as Interactive Metronome®

“A picture is worth a thousand words” That’s very true when it comes to being introduced to Interactive Metronome (IM), the technology used for Neurotiming Therapy. Make sure you have watched the two-minute introductory video below, before reading the rest of this page.

IM is an assessment and treatment tool used by educators, various therapists, and other professionals, who help children and adults with a range of neurological conditions that affect cognitive and motor functioning. IM provides an objective method for measuring deficits, training for improvement, and for tracking the gains made.

IM is an individualised evidence-based training program that creates beneficial neuroplastic change. Unlike many “brain training” programs, IM does not work on a “one size fits all” basis. Each trainee’s training program evolves in it’s content as the training proceeds. For training to commence you purchase an IM Home kit. In addition to your weekly appointments with your IM Provider, you use this IM Home kit between appointments for the all-important regular practice (There’s no cost involved in the home practice time.)

Your IM Provider has instant access to your training results, and can alter the training challenges for the next session, based on the previous session’s data. These changes fit seamlessly into the next training session. Additionally, the design of the program incorporates a patented computer feedback system, that creates the opportunity for trainees to recognise progress the instant it occurs, thereby increasing motivation. These two features enhance the repeated action requirements of the program, creating optimal conditions for beneficial neuroplastic change.


IM is used to improve:

  • Attention and focus

  • Autism Spectrum Symptoms
  • Concussion symptoms

  • Coordination

  • Language processing

  • Reading and math fluency

  • Control of impulsivity/aggression

  • Improvement in performance for a variety of sports


This video gives an in-depth understanding of Interactive Metronome and how it works


Click Here to go to a New-Zealand based Testimonial, Including a Video Interview

The research supporting Interactive Metronome continues to grow.



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