Brain Time Professional Services


Technologies & Training Used for Neuroplastic Change:


Guest Speaker Availability:

Gerry is an enthusiastic engaging presenter and is available as a Guest Speaker, Seminar Leader, and a Professional Development Workshop Facilitator. Presentations include a live demonstration of the technologies Gerry makes use of, with the content being oriented to public or professional audiences as requested.


Professional Development Courses:

Gerry provides Professional Learning and Development (PLD) courses for Teachers. Go to this link for detail on Neuroplasticity & Teaching. Go to this link for detail on Trauma-proofing Children & Teens


Child & Family-Focused Community Education Programs:

Gerry presents various community education programs. Some are prepared for a particular audience, while others are more general interest in nature. “Trauma-Proofing Your Child” was presented in 2014, 2015, at Highbury Community House, Auckland. Gerry is available to teach this course in other centres.


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